A Date with an Old Friend

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Book Reviews

My old friend Rebus is back and I can’t wait to catch up with him.

Ian Rankin standing

I’ve been a fan since the 1990’s. We matured together. He moved through the ranks of the Edinburgh police; I joined the Home Office as a Safer Cities Co-ordinator. We both saw a lot of police officers. On journeys to Whitehall or nights  in lonely hotel rooms Rebus kept me company. When police officers were mean to me I imagined what he would say to them and tried to copy it. Then we both retired. He’s back as a civilian dealing with cold cases and I’m a new writer  aspiring to create characters half as real as he is.

In his absence I’ve been making the aquaintance of  Fox in The Complaints. He’s not as edgy as Rebus but he was growing on me. I understand he turns up in Standing. Confrontation with Rebus perhaps? Who will win and who do I want to?


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