Review of ‘The Flower Seller’ by Linda Finlay

Posted: March 19, 2018 in Book Reviews, Discover Devon, Historical Saga
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A Captivating West Country Family Saga

The Flower Seller is a fascinating story of a young woman’s descent from luxury to rural poverty after her beloved papa’s death. The openness and honesty of Isabella draws the reader in as they share her struggles to adjust to an alien lifestyle and family who at first she seems to have no common connection. Then the pace quickens and the pages turn as we want to know if she succeeds in turning her misfortunes around.

The story features another of Linda Finlay’s signature themes of old Devon crafts and wares – this time violet growing around Dawlish. As usual, the author’s talent for research is in evidence as her words, characters and dialect, bringing the world of Devonshire violet growers in the late nineteenth century to life. Light hearted moments between Isabelle and her cousin Dotty or the attractive business rival Felix are in sharp contrast with scenes of darkness and despair, snobbery and corruption.

This is a satisfying novel about a young woman’s rise to fulfillment and is just right for this year of celebration of one hundred years of woman’s suffrage.

Highly recommended.

  1. Loftspeaker1 says:

    Sounds interesting… However, I think the title doesn’t draw me in.
    I came across a book that is almost the opposite to this story and is set during the French Revolution at the Palace of Versailles. You can take a look here:

  2. CJ Browne says:

    This looks good too but I love Linda Finlay’s novels because they are all set in Devon. In areas I know well.

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