Revenge Ritual

She scanned his face to check if he was being serious. Yesterday he’d been nearly as excited about her work in the States as she was. She was supposed to start in a couple of weeks. She’d already bought her air ticket. There was no way she could do all he wanted before she left for Chicago.

She was about to protest but he’d already anticipated her reaction, ‘It means you’ll have to cancel your work in the States, of course. But it will give you more time to spend with your dad.’

‘What! You know I’m expected in Chicago, it’s all arranged …’

Jake ran his fingers through his hair looking smug, ‘No, you’re not. I’ve already cancelled the trip. Researching the demonstrations will benefit our whole organisation. If we pull this off, I’ve been promised a string of Government research contracts will follow. Chicago would only enhance your reputation. This project will be a great opportunity for all of us. So I’m putting Chicago on ice – and you’re job now is to find out what’s behind these demonstrations.’C J Browne Twitter header


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