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Sometimes an author comes across a brilliant book about the writing process. Debbie Young’s lovely guide to promoting your book is one such find. I have dipped into it almost daily after Revenge Ritual was published in August last year. It’s been so very useful as I work my way through the all the necessary post publishing processes leading up to my book launch and beyond.
I can’t praise this self-help manual highly enough. It contains all the information that you need to promote your book. If you don’t have an agent or mainstream publisher, or even if you do, Sell your books! takes you through everything needed to make readers aware of your book and increase its sales. It has chapters on all the ‘action stations’ authors will have to tackle from planning a marketing campaign, identifying their target readership, attracting visitors to the essential-to-have website, using social media, approaching libraries and bookshops and attracting media interest.
Debbie Young’s style is encouraging and comprehensive. I learnt a lot from this book but probably the best advice was around identifying my market. I knew internet promotion and sales would be important, hence the website. But reading ‘Sell your books!’ helped me appreciate that for a local author with a novel set in Devon where I live, my primary market was the one on my doorstep where readers knew the area and wanted to know more about me. Not only has this local approach paid off in book sales but it has been brilliant meeting people who have read my book.

Sell your books!’ will do what it says.