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If you’re a fan of Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus you will enjoy meeting Detective Ray Logue in the first of this new police procedural series. There’s no doubting that Logue is his own man doing things his way, fighting the small town caution of his Garda bosses as much as the gangland villains he encounters on the way. He’s a character that you want to know better, sometimes annoying and flawed but always interesting. The edgy yet supportive interplay between Logue and his partner Detective McGarry provides light humour as the murders and body count increase. The sharp writing style propels the plot and pace forward as the sleepy town of Port Erd faces up to the social and economic changes that make it an ideal destination for local corruption and foreign gangsters.
With thanks to Endeavour Press for a review copy in exchange for an honest review of this quick and enjoyable read.

Police woman Sandy Osborne

Police woman Sandy Osborne

I’ve been reading a lot of dark psychological thrillers recently and Sandy Osborne’s ‘Girl Cop in Trouble’ was just what I needed to lift my mood. I already liked the lead character, Cop Sally more and more as I read about her initiation into the 1990’s police force in ‘Girl Cop’, the first of the series. In ‘Girl Cop in Trouble’ she has gained a confidence in both her personal and professional life, which she certainly needs as she carves her way through the challenges of her work and her relationships.

Many of my favourite characters return from ‘Girl Cop’ but the fact that this is a sequel never gets in the way as everything is explained as it happens. I loved the insight I had into the life of a female police officer in the 1990’s. It’s worth reading for this alone. But like recent WPC TV programmes such as ‘WPC 56’ this is a great romantic comedy with plenty of police jokes, but with a story line that reminds you that policing can be harrowing, dangerous and poignant.