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If you’re a fan of Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus you will enjoy meeting Detective Ray Logue in the first of this new police procedural series. There’s no doubting that Logue is his own man doing things his way, fighting the small town caution of his Garda bosses as much as the gangland villains he encounters on the way. He’s a character that you want to know better, sometimes annoying and flawed but always interesting. The edgy yet supportive interplay between Logue and his partner Detective McGarry provides light humour as the murders and body count increase. The sharp writing style propels the plot and pace forward as the sleepy town of Port Erd faces up to the social and economic changes that make it an ideal destination for local corruption and foreign gangsters.
With thanks to Endeavour Press for a review copy in exchange for an honest review of this quick and enjoyable read.


51bxvOQ-oXL._UY250_In lots of ways the title of this thriller for young adults says it all – a lot of the plot happens beyond the rail tracks and the story picks up momentum then streaks along like an express train. The action slips between the world of the ‘suits’ of London’s business and banking sector, with their fast lifestyle and palatial glass penthouses to the underworld of an underground village of disillusioned teenage drop outs forging their own alternative community beneath the streets of London.

It’s a world that can only be accessed via the London underground tunnels. I’ve read about London’s disused underground network and in ‘Off the rails’ it makes a brilliant setting for a lively and readable novel for young adults. And older ones will enjoy it too. The characters are well drawn. I particularly liked the main protagonist, Severine. She’s a sassy and independent sixteen year old who struggles to balance her romantic feelings of attachment with her instincts to trust no-one. The story’s angle on poverty and banking is topical and well constructed. A swift read and a lively thriller for readers of all ages.